6 Aug 2022, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad

Construction work is going on in full swing at the hospital site. Day and night, people and machines are working tirelessly to make everything perfect before the inauguration.

One of the seva is to clean the construction waste: bits of cement blocks and bricks, plastic and cardboard wraps, metal pieces and a lot of cement dust. I was amazed to see sannyasis and sannyasinis in ochre cloth, coming in and doing this work.

All were working alongside the paid workers. I guess they are a bit surprised to see ashramites doing such work. The swamis and swaminis spend most of their time serving Amma in many ways. Yet they come and work happily, with dedication. What an example for us! There are many that are not young: some have grey hair. One swamini is the same age as Amma: 69. She starts the seva with us at 7am. There is an old devotee from Switzerland who also joins us. Seeing these people working hard is inspiring.

The weather is quite hot at Delhi. There is dust and noise, even at night, because of the construction work that is going on. However, the routine of the ashram is maintained: archana at 5am, tea and then seva. 

Love and service are the two pillars supporting Amma’s activities. No doubt that this place, imbued with Her divine energy and also the love and dedicated service of Her children, will bring solace to not only physically but also in the hearts of many. 

As Amma says, in order to end external wars, we first have to end our own inner conflicts and negative emotions. Only inner peace can bring external peace. Seva brings forth inner purity and allows the love in us to get expressed fully. 

Let us remember it while serving Amma. Wherever we are. Whatever we do. 

Om lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

– Vishakh, France