30 April, Nepal

If we could think of a name for this small lane, it could well be ‘Misery Lane’. The houses here are big. They used to house joint families, some houses having 20 or 30 members. But unfortunately these were old multi-storey structures made of bricks and mud….and it all came tumbling down. Some lost their lives but in kilometer long stretches which look like war zones – bombed out – almost everyone has lost their houses and all they had.


But the people are resilient…scavenging through the rubble that was their home for anything of use. Some climb up buildings which hang precariously to let down pieces of their household items to people who stand below, ready to let go and run were the building to collapse.

The army personnel still dig for bodies close by.

Most stay in tents… They are the lucky ones for some don’t even have that and have to manage in the open. It has been drizzling on and off for the past few days…one wonders how they managed.

– Nijamrita

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