11 Nov 2020 General

If I was a tree

If I was a tree in the summer, I’d stretch my branches and leaves towards the golden sun and fix my gaze upon the infinite blue sky. I would swing in the gentle breeze and drink the nectar of the earth with my roots. I’d spread the intoxicating scent of my flowers around and invite insects to buzz among them. I would delight myself in watching all kinds of small creatures and little birds play on my branches and in the light summer nights I would lull them to sleep with the soft rustle of my leaves. The whole summer I would sing and dance to the sweet tune of Mother Nature and give shelter to all animals and human beings.

If I was a tree in the fall, I’d welcome the showers of rain and provide the forest with my fruit. I would sense the coming of winter and as a token of my gratitude for the fullness and wonder of life, I would delight everyone by turning my leaves in to all bright colors of orange and red and yellow. At the same time, I would quietly prepare myself for the inevitable end of my blooming existence. As the darkness would begin to increase and the temperature fall lower I would gratefully offer my leaves in worship to Mother Nature.

If I was a tree in the cold snowy months of winter, I would humbly stand unclothed and bare in the freezing air and fill my mind with memories of the blazing sun who now has fled the harsh blow of the northern wind taking along with him the small chirping birds. I would stand in the stillness of time when all life has become quiet and wrap myself in the comforting darkness. I would dive deep and within myself I would find the essence and mystery of life, the green elixir which I had earlier withdrawn deep within and from which everything once again would burst forth. People passing by would lament my pitiful condition but I would know that when the sun returns and wakes the Earth with his rays, my glory would manifest itself once more.

If I was a tree in the spring, I would welcome back the returning birds and stretch my branches towards the blue skies and the warm rays of the sun, saluting him and beginning enthusiastically to grow new shoots and tiny small leaves, getting ready for the grand spectacle of summer.

If I was a tree I would move in tune with the undeniable rhythm of the universe, always singing the glories of my beloved Mother Earth, knowing that as an inseparable part of Her my essence could never be destroyed and therefore accepting with calmness and wisdom the many joys and trials of the changing seasons.

If I was a tree…

— Punyavati (Finland, inspired by Bhagavad Gita readings…)