Amritapuri is verily Amma’s lap for the seekers of Truth. While the vast sea is a constant reminder of the Truth beyond name and form, the island – detached from the mainland of worldly affairs – is a beautiful showcase of the Creator’s craftsmanship. Little wonder that Paramatma chose this beautiful spot to descend on, over six decades ago, in the Form of our most beloved Amma, with an explicit purpose: and that is to do good to the World.

“Nature has given us this earth. We should make it into a garden, and not turn it into a desert,” says Amma.

Among the innumerable and enormous acts of goodness that Amma has accomplished, one of them is definitely Her service to Nature. Amma has engaged millions of youth and others in the activities towards maintaining Nature’s harmony. Making us understand the intrinsic relationship between nature, divinity and humans, Amma has nurtured in us humans true love for nature. Amma is teaching us to see nature as express form of the ineffable Divinity, and also as an extension of one’s self. Hence the nature friendly activities that Amma puts us through are in fact spiritual activities, or sadhana itself.

Once a jungle, Amritapuri is now a pookkalam of many little gardens. Basking in Amma’s divine presence, Amritapuri today is home to a grand variety of fauna. Due to proximity to the sea, vegetation has always hesitated to flourish here. But Amma has over decades tended the soil here just as She has Her world-children, so that both colorful flowers and compassionate hearts bloom. At any point of time, from any standpoint, one can see efflorescence of colorful flowers. Just as they bring cheer to human eyes, they offer sweet nectar to smaller beings.