29 Oct 2015 Seva

Baby Yoga

Although there are many health, nutrition, and educational deficiencies in Indian villages, I am always struck by the things that are healthy about village life. Many smart, happy people have emerged from modest village roots.


I am staying in an AmritaServe adopted village, Hadiabad, Bihar, with the R.P. Singh family. Three brothers, their wives, children and parents are living in one large house. Thirteen plus guests. The children move easily from person to person getting so much attention.

One beautiful ritual I witness every morning is when the grandmother, Dewanti Devi massages the youngest child, Satyam for nearly twenty minutes.

It soon turns into a baby yoga routine, stretching and bending tender limbs.

I’m reminded of American children who are rushed to a daycare centers each morning after a quick stop for breakfast at Starbucks. How much healthier would they be if they received this much physical contact each day.

Supporting village life is the primary goal of AmritaServe.


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