Mother, when hast Thou created the Universes?
With galaxies of billion solar systems as verses,
Written as endless poetry by an eminent poet,
Only to be born as human to know all about it.

Mother, Thou art the greatest unexplored artist,
Who painted wonderful colours of cosmic rays,
The incomprehensible formless Self hidden silent,
Though timelessly inspiring humans in many ways.

Mother, Thy descent rescued the fallen and virtuous alike,
From the shackles of wretched and vicious habitual likes,
Revealing the Infinite potential hidden within to be uncovered,
Thus spiritually awakening countless souls forever to be blessed.

O! Mother of immaculate purity and unconditional love,
Kindly bless my tottering words though written as poetry,
For Thy remembrance saves even as I proceed to move,
Through the pathless ways of formidable spiritual journey.

— by Sridhar

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  1. such a simple poem but so deep and enlightening ! only a human can know that he is one with God, that he is all powerful, creator of the universe. human birth is the greatest blessing. and if we have a Guru and Mother like Amma, we are truly blessed. thanks. keep sharing more poems….

  2. Very nice poetry.please keep making more poems of amma.

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