Amritavarsham’62! On this special occasion of our beloved Amma’s birthday we got an opportunity to interact with Brahmacharini Soumya and a MTech student, Swati Negi, who are coordinating the gifting of sarees to the poor people and all the projects related to women empowerment. “Since many years Amma is doing Vastradaanam during her birthday celebrations” […]


On this auspicious occasion of Amritavarsham’62 we got an opportunity to interact with a Mumbai based businessman – Mr. Ashok Lal. Ashokji is running the North Indian canteen since last evening for Amma’s birthday, serving delicious dishes to appease the North Indian palate….Jilebi is a super-hit! He shared with us his journey from non-spirituality to […]


“I met Amma about three years ago in USA. This is my first time in the ashram. She is an embodiment of compassion and love for me, and the longer I stay, I feel she is inside my heart. She has really changed my life and my whole life is different now.” – Jeffery, USA […]


“Amma has brought many changes to my life. What I am today is because of Amma’s grace. My children study at Amma’s school. It has instilled good values in them. I got a good job because of Amma. After meeting Amma there has been financial upliftment in my family.” –  Praseeda, Insurance Agent, Wayanad, “Amma […]


23rd September 2015 Amritavarsham’62 celebrations have started early on and the ashram is already in a festive mood. Poet “Kalaimaamani” Andal Priyadarshini, Station Director, Head of Office, Doordarshan, Podhigai, Coimbatore came to meet Amma for the first time, shared with us her thoughts on her visit to Amritapuri and getting Amma’s darshan. “Although I have […]


After all these years, I found my divine mother, Who looks after me every second. What more do I want of life? I listen to her bhajans, Her divine voice goes deep into my heart I am so happy through my tears. I asked for acceptance, And you gave it to me dear Amma. Thank […]


Delay not, my beloved Mother, Pouring Your mercy into my wretched heart; Orphaned I am in this alien world, alone, helpless, Give me refuge, my Mother of infinite compassion. Your are farthest of the far, nearest of the near, Subtlest of the subtle, greatest of the great, Pervading everywhere, indwelling all, The origin of the […]


Wake me up, O! Kindliest Mother, Lost in the senses, I roam an’ roam, Clouds of desires cover me over, Deluded I sleep, asleep I’m. Wake me up, O! Kindliest Mother, Lost in the senses, I roam an’ roam, Passions bubble up an’ rule over Deluded I sleep, asleep I’m. Wake me up, O! Kindliest […]


My name is Hirota Nakazawa. I was first year student of University in japan when I went to india. I went abroad in India( Uttalakhand ) for the first time in this spring, so that became a very precious experience to me. I understand from experience what I learned in Japan,and in India, I was […]