Delay not, my beloved Mother, Pouring Your mercy into my wretched heart; Orphaned I am in this alien world, alone, helpless, Give me refuge, my Mother of infinite compassion. Your are farthest of the far, nearest of the near, Subtlest of the subtle, greatest of the great, Pervading everywhere, indwelling all, The origin of the […]

Wake me up, O! Kindliest Mother, Lost in the senses, I roam an’ roam, Clouds of desires cover me over, Deluded I sleep, asleep I’m. Wake me up, O! Kindliest Mother, Lost in the senses, I roam an’ roam, Passions bubble up an’ rule over Deluded I sleep, asleep I’m. Wake me up, O! Kindliest […]

My name is Hirota Nakazawa. I was first year student of University in japan when I went to india. I went abroad in India( Uttalakhand ) for the first time in this spring, so that became a very precious experience to me. I understand from experience what I learned in Japan,and in India, I was […]

My name is Saeka Takeuchi, I am ferris university 2nd year student. I would like to share an experience with Amma for the first time in Tokyo program. I travelled to India to take part in one of Amma’s service activities, a project to build houses. Before travelling to India, I was anxious because I […]

Hi, everyone, I am Nobuaki Ishii, a Japanese University student. I came to know about Amma when I participated in a school construction project in Uttarakhand. It was my first visit and India at first was overwhelming but soon I started loving this country because of the warmth and hospitality of the children of the […]

The temple of Your heart Is my home Of prayers I build my altar In the secret Of Your smile I drink at the fountain Of eternity In the depth of Your eyes You water my roses With Your tears Of compassion You build my life With your warm Embrace And when I look Into […]


As you know, there were 63 students from Japan who came to Uttarakand last Feb-March for two weeks. Unfortunately that time they could not meet amma while they were in India, since the project site was remote area, far away in the mountain, and students have tight budget and limited times in India. However many […]


I told Amma how I was thankful to her for making the environment for me to participate in volunteer activity in India. Amma kindly took away my anguish and nervousness in my daily life


The scenes in all villages are similar… scenes of desolation. Where there were settlements, there are mounds of rubble. Almost nothing is left of the villages here. Almost no houses survive. And even in the towns and cities have not been spared – townships like Bhaktapur and Saku have seen large scale devastation, where vast […]