15 Nov 2010, Ernakulam The infectious enthusiasm and joy were there for all to see. Students of Amrita University and Amrita Vidyalayam, Ernakulam, took to streets, invaded the buses and all sorts of vehicles, convinced the roadside vendors, spreading message of Amala Bharatam. With loving dedication lit on their faces, distributing the re-usable hand kerchiefs […]

A large-scale cleanliness drive of Amala Bharatam was launched at Coimbatore on Saturday, 30th October, 2010. Nearly 700 students and staff of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham engaged themselves in the cleaning of various public premises at various locations like: • Ukkadam Bus stand and surrounding area • Kuniamuthur town and surrounding area • Ettimadai Pirivu to […]

The ‘Amala Bharatam’ Campaign was started by the students of Amrita Viswa Vidya Peetham, Amritapuri Campus on August 15th, 2010. Amma gave them inspiration and guided them what to do and supported them to carry on. Later Ashramites and devotees joined this when Amma announced this project as Amala Bharatam – to clean India to […]

अमृत विश्व विद्यालय के विद्यार्थियों एवं कर्मचारीयों ने 15 अगस्त 2010 को उद्घाटित स्वच्छता अभियान को जारी रखा। इस चरण के पाँचवे चरण में लगभग 500 विद्यार्थि, कर्मचारी आश्रम के ब्रह्मचारी एवं भक्तों ने 24अक्तूबर 2010 रवीवार को करुणागपल्ली और शास्तम्कोट्टा कस्बे और झील, दोनों ही जगह सफाई अभियान में भाग लिया। कोल्लम जिले के कईं […]

The students and staff of Amrita University continued their clean up drive that was inaugurated on 15 August 2010. In the fifth phase of the drive on Sunday, Oct 24th, nearly 500 students, staff, brahmacharies of the ashram and devotees participated in the clean up drive simultaneously in Karunagappally town and the premises of Sastahmkota […]