Amma says

“It is said that India is growing, that it is developing. However, in matters of environmental cleanliness and hygiene, we are lagging behind by centuries. The lack of cleanliness in our roads and public bathrooms and toilets is proof of this.”

“India is an atomic power. India is scientifically and economically advancing. Many reports say India is poised to be the third largest power in the world by 2025. But in terms of cleanliness, we still are in diapers.”

“Western countries maintain high standards of cleanliness on roads, in public places as well as in public bathrooms and toilets. In contrast, the standard of cleanliness in roads and public toilets in India is appalling.”

“It has become a habit for people to urinate by roadsides and to spit on public roads and pavements. Even if there are trash cans present, they are not in the habit of disposing litter and food waste in these bins; they discard them by the side of the road or even in the middle of the road.”

“Environmental cleanliness and hygiene are a part of a development and cultural refinement. For this to happen, we need to plan widespread awareness campaigns. We should mount enough signboards on environmental cleanliness in public places, bus stands and roadsides.”

“Our lack of cleanliness should never again become a cause for international embarrassment. We should consider the task of keeping our homes, environment and public places clean a sacred duty.”

“Just as we eat and sleep, keeping our environment clean should become part of our daily lives.”

“Just as we bathe daily in order to keep our bodies clean, and just as we use perfumes, we should ensure that we maintain the cleanliness of our roads and public places, which are parts of our country’s body.”

“Tourists are usually welcomed by beautiful girls. But what these tourists see of our motherland when they go out is a filthy country. Actually, they have become to see beautiful India, but we don’t realize this. Today, our beautiful India has become like a leprosy-stricken person. We should first strive to restore the purity, beauty and health of this mother.”

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