About Amala Bharatam Campaign – ABC

Amala Bharatam Campaign – ABC
It is a campaign aimed at cleaning India’s public places and national highways. Through this cleanliness drive, MAM hopes to raise social awareness of humanity’s debt to our beautiful earth and nature. Amma launched this project on her 57th Birthday celebrations on 27th Sep 2010. Amma said that the MAM is ready to take up the responsibility of constructing toilets and installing trash cans in government schools and along roads all over India if it has the support and co-operation of state governments and other organizations.

Amma asks that all of us take a vow to clean our surroundings. Amma believes that if the people, government and other organizations work together, this sacred endeavour will certainly bear fruit.
With the support of the state governments {news}, MAM would start this project in Kerala and then move on to other states throughout the country.

Amma said she wanted devotees to form committees to take responsibility for cleaning their locality, approximately one committee for every two kilometres. “A chain of such committees could really bring about a massive transformation,” she said. “These committees should ensure their localities have trashcans in various places as well as signs telling people not to throw trash on the roadside or to spit. The waste should be collected regularly and properly disposed of.” Amma also said she would like to provide one million reusable handkerchiefs to school children, requesting them to use these for spitting. She said that in this way many diseases could be prevented from spreading.”

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