‘Its such an auspicious day’…. is what I thought of when I opened my eyes on the morning of 27th September 2011. I scrabbled for my Amma’s photo on my table next to my bed and wished her a Happy Birthday with a birthday kiss and a big hug… tears welled up in my heart when I recollected how blissfully I had spent one of Amma’s birthday in Amritapuri. It was Diwali, Navratri, Christmas, New Year all rolled up in one day…Amritapuri had worn a festive look and there was a blissful vibrancy all around, as if the whole universe was supplicating to the Mother of the Universe on her special day. Thinking of those cherished moments I got up and braced myself to face the world all over again!!!

I lost the count of what day it was, while cooking food and packing lunches for the family. It was finally when I sat in the car that I realized that I had to rush to office if I wanted to have the glimpse of live web cast from Amritapuri. With a firm belief in my bad luck, I was sure that the office net connection would be down (as it always is, when I need it the most) I raced towards my workplace. Somehow I managed to reached on time and the wonders of wonders everything was working just well…

Connecting to the website where webcast was being telecast live, I suddenly saw my Amma sitting on a splendid stage on a peetham with joined palms, closed eyes in all her splendid and pristine glory!

When was the last time I ever saw the live padapuja of Amma so so clearly. My memories traveled back to Amritapuri, and I remembered reaching the Birthday venue before time and still being unable to find a seat for myself anywhere. I don’t remember seeing the padapuja. I only remember hearing the chanting of the mantras…

And today here was I in Delhi, witnessing the pada puja of my guru and Mother. She looked so pretty (btw, when does she not?)

I thanked Amma and her children for all the pains they had taken to make this web cast a reality. Through this little article I would like to thank the web team of Amritapuri on behalf of all the hundreds of viewers who had logged in that day to catch a glimpse of Amma.

Personally, seeing Amma live had such a cathartic effect on me, all my tensions, sadness and frustrations fizzled out when I saw the Mother seated ‘ekagrachitta’ on the peetham.

Even before I could think of an offering to my guru she gave me a blessed return gift on her 58th birthday.

Amma how did I get so lucky to have been noticed by you and be woven into your family.

Thank you Amma, for being a part of my life. I love you Mommy!!!!

– Divya

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  1. nice…experiencing amma so near to us..in our heart is so much of love and caress…
    May amma give u all her blessings to see her../feel her..and to face the world…best wishes…

  2. A really touching experience. Even i felt blissful on seeing Amma in the webcast. Thanks to Amma’s children who made it happen and praying to Amma for more webcasts in the future.

  3. Amma, thank you so much for giving the opportunity to be part of Your birthday celebration from a distance. My wife and I experienced a cool breeze when Amma walked into the hall for the event. The whole day, I could not take my eyes away from watching Amma giving darshan to Her children on my computer. I pray and hope that all future celebrations in Amritapuri will be broadcast to all Her children worldwide the same way.

  4. So wonderfully expressed Divya! Thanks to all the technical people who made the live webcast possible. We are so grateful!!

  5. Yes, the webcast was wonderful. Thank you so much for making this possible, webteam. I watched it in the morning before going to work and was so enchanted by my most beloved Amma giving Darshan, that I couldn’t take my eyes of Her. Therefore I came almost half an hour late to work. But fortunately no one recognized 😉

  6. What? “Thank you Amma, for being a part of my life. I love you Mommy!!!!”

    She, AMMA is the Supreme Goddess of the Countless Universes whom all Gods and Goddesses alike stand in queue to serve Her.

    Divya ji, may AMMA bless us all.

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