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All is holy

For years now Amma is repeating over and over again a certain precept. “The Creation and the Created are not two but one.” Amma insists on our seeing everything without exception as divine.

While She took Her 700 children on the Indian tour, Amma never missed an opportunity to remind and demonstrate this Sanatana Satya –the eternal Truth- at any available  opportunity.

We were passing through Uttar Pradesh. It was in the context of the Mahakumbh Mela going on at the Prayag.

The greatness of the Holy Ganga river was extolled by some at the stop in Fatehpur near the Triveni Sangama, or Prayag as they say in North India. Then one Amma-child said Ganga became holy because of the touch of Mahatmas who bathe in it.

Amma agreed that Ganga was holy, but soon added, “All rivers are holy. All ponds, all wells, backwaters, every water source is holy.”  Amma’s is an all inclusive world view. Nothing remains outside Her Divinity. Ganga river with all its puranic importance, religious importance, social and economic and environmental importance, was as holy as the backwaters.

Damayanti Amma, Amma’s biological mother, had taught Her this Truth even as She was a little girl. Amma fondly quotes Her “Damayanti Amma told us, ‘Children, don’t urinate in the backwaters! Because it is Devi.’ “

During the following lunch stop with Amma, someone spoke of a banyan tree within a fort in Allahabad city, now within the military domain: ‘The tree is hallowed by the blessings Sri Rama as he came and sat under it.’

Soon we began to see: Yeah! If Sri Rama sat under a tree and the tree became blessed, how many trees have we ourselves not seen Amma sat under! How many innumerable trees has She blessed in all these 32 plus years that She has been travelling!

But Amma wanted us to go beyond that. She wanted us, like Radha in Her story, to see Krishna in all the colours, not only in blue. Amma took the mike to quickly add, “All trees are holy. All trees are selfless. All trees give us fresh air, shade, fruits, and so on.”

Yes, when we see the world through Amma, all this is experienced as holy. But when we forget Amma even for a while, it is like trying to see without lens. Everything blurs into their objective realities.

– Sandhya

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  1. Very true as said by The Great Master- Amma, that all of The Creation is Holy and this statement should always be a reminder of God’s presence in each and every nook and corner, every dimension, every minuscule part of our lives.
    Though many a times we forget this Eternal Truth and are swayed by maya.
    May Divine Mother’s Grace be always there on Her Children so that we can imbibe this truth in our lives to the best possible extent, which is again a reminder for inculcating and increasing more of devotion towards Lord’s Creation and which in turn will be a lot helpful for our Spiritual growth.
    Indeed one of the most challenging and not so easy Spiritual lesson among the many others which one has to follow on the journey of life.
    Thanks for the share and making me contemplate on wearing this lens of wisdom.

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