9 Mar 2013 General

Egos outside please

After the momentous speech at the inauguration of Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birthday celebration, and the historical event at the Delhi Red fort area, Amma soon returned her attention and time to us, Her darling children travelling with Her, and Her Delhi devotee children.

Amma called us to the auditorium on the top floor of the Amma School in Pushp vihar where we were staying. Amma served us dinner Prasad. As She served, like She always does, She wanted to do several other things at the same time, saving time or rather utilizing time for more than one activity, Amma asked for jokes and experiences. One western daughter had saved a special doormat to show Amma on such an occasion. She showed it, and on it was written, “Egos and Footwear Outside, Please”.

All of us broke into laughter, seeing egos equated with something despicable like footwear.

But Amma is awareness incarnate all the time. She enjoyed the joke but provided further clarification, in Her unique Satsang.

Egos are despicable at all times. Footwear however have a role to play, are useful when we are outdoors, though. In Sanatana dharma nothing is unimportant. We use footwear and get protection from dirt, thorns etc. Once we return, we give it its place outside our doors. Not so with Ego. It is always despicable. At no time can Ego be entertained. Amma explained.

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  1. Amma’s examples are unique and unparalleled. When we are outdoors, footwear provide some protection to our feet and body. But, we don’t need to wear them while indoors. Likewise, in our dealings with the external world, the ego helps in providing us an identity, however, in our inward and onward journey to the realm of the Self, the ego should be left outside,as written on the doormat! As our AMMA simply puts it,”The purpose of spiritual practices is helping us learn the great lesson of surrendering the ego and its needs.”

  2. Ego can be said to be despicable but not the footwear. In Samskrutham, footwear is called, “Paada Rakshaka”, that which protects the foot, without which we can almost do nothing when we are out in the world and the presiding deity of padam or foot (or feet) is Lord Vishnu.

    So, take care.

  3. Ego is like two horns jutting out of our head-always hindering our path to Spirituality. Making us vainglorious and proud. We have to discard and burn it to ashes to ensure that it does not come back again. Very difficult for most of us-we have to keep practising it and praying.

    Not so the footwear. We need them, we remove them and later need to wear them again whem required. They are like part of our clothing. When they become smaller or getworn out we need to buy a new pair.

    This is how we understand AMMA’s message.

  4. Ego is quite difficult to get seperated or conquered, while not so with the footwear!!

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