8 Mar 2013 General

Women’s day

Spirituality has solutions for all the problems of the human world, Amma has reiterated this message many times in Her satsangs.

Today, when thousands of Her children from Amritapuri –ashram residents as well as students of the University- went to form a human chain from Vavakavu to Karunagapally on the national highway Amma was offering a beautiful solution to the international social problem bothering women. Amma was drawing attention of the public for the need for empowering women by teaching values to both men and women at large. Amma made us take vows to respect all women as one’s own mother, to allow women to progress alongside men, and made everyone see women as complementary to men in society.



The human chain comprising of mostly women drew attention of the public by its very quiet presence. Kerala roads are familiar with protest marches and demonstrations with shouting slogans. But this was solemn and different. Many a gentlemen paused to take the handout from us, and patiently read through it.

The highlight of the morning outing was this: Bhakti, Amma’s dear doggie, joined the activity. She crossed the backwaters on the setu along with ashram women, walked along side them to the bus station on the university campus, and showed solidarity to the women’s movement.

Bhakti stood when women stood waiting for the respective buses; she got into one of the buses for a while and got down only to go and sit in the shade under a bus from where she could see us off. She was obviously thirsty but she didn’t go looking for water like any dog would have done. But she stayed on with the lolling tongue, showing how much she was with us for the cause.

– Sandhya

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  1. I just want to remind that lust is the most formidable force in the entire Universe. Only spirituality is the solution. May AMMA, the Supreme Divine Mother show us and lead us on the spiritual path. Also want to remind that considering women as mother or mothers is not a solution. Sadhana is mandatory else these countless repulsive lust currents(wide reference Autobiography of a Yogi, Swami Paramahansa Yogananda) shatter the jiva.

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