Albuquerque – 2nd evening of retreat – 2013 America Yatra

Sometimes one has to take a step back from the edge to look around at the surroundings and take in the experience and scenes before getting lost in absolute bliss. It took a lot of effort this evening, because Amma has been doing all she can this tour to take us over that edge and into that other realm.

Tonight was the second night of the retreat in ABQ, and Amma, in her infinite ways of surprising us, sang yet again for the third straight night, ending this evening by singing and dancing to ‘Elappulayelo’. As the music began, Amma rose out of her chair and began gracefully dancing across the stage. Looking around, there were a few people following Amma’s movements, but most were just clapping along and watching. One wondered why we didn’t all break out in a full-on rave – the only explanation being that we simply can’t take our eyes off the Supreme Goddess dancing.

Amma then sat down and began singing along, occasionally shouting out ‘hoi hoi’ and other sounds of joy. Waves of love and bliss were flowing between Amma and everyone in the hall. It was us looking at Amma looking at us. And like beams of light getting amplified between mirrors, the love and joy rose and rose with the beat and pitch of the song. Faster and faster, higher and higher until it all ended with three rounds of “Arrappo……Ero Ero Ero!!!!”

– Sri Pati

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