As part of Amma’s 62nd Birthday Celebration, hundreds of women (and few men) from adopted villages across India came to Amritapuri. Many are enrolled in “Women Empowerment: Sanitation Project” vocational classes in their home villages.

Taking advantage of the training facilities and skilled instructors at Amritapuri, additional workshops were offered in subjects such as Block Printing on Fabric, Tile Installation, Soap Making and Packaging, and Basic Carpentry.

Video presentations covered the basic details, then the women got to work with the tools themselves, gaining valuable “hands on” experience.

Skilled female instructors served as powerful role models for these young ladies.

In addition to vocational programs, more than 90 villagers took the IAM Meditation Course. The class was presented in Hindi with volunteers translating for students speaking Tamil, Telugu, and Kanada.

Although they had only a short taste of the training available from Ammachi Labs, the experiences these women bring back to their villages will surely inspire others to join in our programs.

— Scoti



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