21 Aug 2013 Poems

Happy Raksha Bandhan

To my dearest charioteer

Please come O happy moon..
Please remove my unnecessary sorrow..
I cry hard but its not leaving me!!

O dear saviour!!
wont you come to save me ?
cries– my heart..
throbs– my heart..
Giver of the giver..
I am nothing…
Please come…

O pearl of my heart..
You blossom in love
and sit in my heart..
Why aren’t you coming..
The burden full heart is crying..
Please come..

My dear Krishna..
You know everything..
With this moving mind I travel from one hell to the next hell.
Please save me..

My mother – full of love ..
let me tie this love-filled bond to you..

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all.

by Anagha Sharan

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