27 May 2013 Poems

Toddle with Master

Holding her finger tips my spirits rose.
I clung on to her hand as a dream walker.
While floating as a butterfly by wings of emotions,
disbelief faltered my steps.

She guided me to the porch of her love.
Seeing many hands waiting for her grace,
she swiftly released mine,
stretched her hands to the crowd.

I felt a sudden disconnection, a vacuum.
I kissed my hand where she held me.
A sweet aroma of her perfume filled my nostrils.
I swung into ecstasy along by her side.

Still in disbelief I pinched my body;
No I was not dreaming about reality!
She was looking at me in full smiles.
I merged in her sweet smile as a smile.

Wondering if she ever would hold my hands again?
Leading me from darkness to light,
from ignorance to knowledge,
from life to eternity,
from death to immortality.

S Rangorath

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  1. “Wondering if she ever would hold my hands again?”
    AMMA is our very breath. So turn the gaze inward and meditate on the Lotus of the Heart, Anahatha where the Divine Mother AMMA is seated. Then we know the highest truth, “Aham Brahmasmi”.
    AMMA Herself said, practice of Pranayama leads to Dharana and Dhyana by which we attain oneness with the Divine, “Samadhi”. No more grumbles. We can walk as well as talk as we move in the Divine Leela of AMMA.

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