Mother, though the blazing Sun rose in the East,
The dawn looked so dull as if the Creator was silent.

Ma, all Gods sang for Thy waking up in Raga Bhoopala,
And it was the time for all learned to offer a gift of Kala.

Filling the quarters with the melody of song and dance,
Infilling all the creatures with bliss and divine romance.

Mother, the fiery blazing Sun was in the midst of the sky,
Leaving no room for anyone to move around in any way.

Ma, all Gods sang, praising Thee in Raga Samkarabharanam,
Devotees made offerings, dressing Thee with Peethambaram.

It filled all quarters with cool winds and tender drizzles,
All creatures were infilled with ecstasy of blissful ripples.

Mother, the Full-moon was present in the sky,
Yet it remained so dull as if the Creator was crazy.

Ma, all Gods sang for lulling Thee in Raga Neelambari,
All devotees cradled Thee, Thy form as in Svethambari.

They filled all the quarters with the blissful silence,
Lulling all the creatures to sleep in Thy divine caress.

Om Manushya Mruga Pakshyadi Sarva Samsevithanghraye Namah

— Sridhar

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