29 Jul 2013 Poems

God Mother

There is a glimpse,
a glimpse of God,
as you sing.

Every word you utter,
is a word of God,
a mantra to invoke God.
When you smile,
it is the smile of God.

When you cry,
it is the crying of God,
so compassionately, concerned.

As you speak,
it is Bliss.
If you scold,
it is a blessing.
If you pretend to be angry,
it is a teaching message.

When you are silent,
silence speaks aloud.
You are the silent Goddess (Mookaambika).

The World sleeps in you.
When you are awake,
the Universe awakes with you,
by the fine tune of your Veena.

Oh mother!
You are the primordial Aum,
the sound that vibrates,
in every heart.

May I listen to my own heart-beat,
in your heart?
You are my God.

By Satheesan R

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  1. Beautiful poem!!

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