11 Dec 2009 Poems

Waking Up

Someone shook me wildly,
waking me up from slumber.
No one there when I got up,
except fondle of cool breeze.

Blurring sound of names,
echoed ears in utter disorder.
From filths of chaos I hear afar,
sweet rhyme of hymns so clear.

Nostrils sense divine aroma,
dancing around subtly.
I could feel aura of grace,
beaming into heart so bright

Flushed to a world unknown,
I reel in whirlpools of sleep.
From mountain of compassion,
you watch me grace in wilderness.

At last containing in a bubble,
You gave me a sweet name to chant.
I filtered myself through a sieve.
falling on your petal feet as dew.

Multi faceted world melts down,
squeezed to last drop of nectar.
I flew away bursting to freedom,
on wings of love, you bestowed.

Passing by vast expanse of life,
I found you again in silence.
Let me rise up in your vision again,
from ashes of a phoenix dream.

– Satheesan Rangorath

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  1. Vow! What a lovely, true, creative and beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing Amma’s blessings.

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