Many of us watched the progression of the Tokyo Devi Bhava on Chimes on This was the last program in Japan before Amma would fly to Seattle and set foot on the North American continent once again. Excitement was mounting as most people had been waiting a year to see Amma again and others were planning to meet her for the first time. Some devotees have expressed that they can actually feel a shift of energy when Amma arrives in the USA.

A small group of us flew from the Amma Center of New Mexico to Seattle on a late morning flight the day before she arrived. We were very exhilarated to be on the way to see Amma, leaving our normal worldly cares behind, ready to focus on the eternal spiritual values that Amma exemplifies. We also felt a little sad that more of our friends weren’t able to make the trip and remembered those who had rather sadly watched us load our bags and depart, while speeding us on our way with good wishes.

We flew over the drought ridden West, noting the contrast of barren desert and mountains still clad with snow. The view of the Great Salt Lake was ethereal with deep blue and turquoise water alternating with snow white salt flats. As we flew into the Northwest United States and our eyes rejoiced at the sight of GREEN. Green lush vegetation bathed in the moisture that we are so lacking in so many places in the USA right now.
Landing, our lungs soaked up the moist air as a light drizzle fell over the city. We could only pray that Amma’s arrival might bring rain to other parts of the country. Yet, we knew that Grace and self-effort are linked. On the way to the hotel, we discussed how it is our job to protect, respect and love Mother Nature to bring the natural forces back into balance.

Reaching the Hyatt, the venue of the Amma’s Seattle program, more familiar faces appeared and we began to catch up on the events of our personal lives and Amma’s world. We were so happy to see so many old and new friends from Amma’s international community. Sevites were everywhere, busy transforming the hall and surrounding hallways and rooms into all the familiar components of the typical Amma program in the West: bookstore, snackshops, dining rooms Green Friends, Info and Seva tables…

By the next morning, all was ready to welcome Amma, who came up the escalator glowing in smiles and garlanded with vibrant red roses. The excitement was keen, from both old timers and people meeting Amma for the first time. The day went swiftly and soon Amma was singing the final bhajan of the evening program-“Jhala, jhalavena”. “The Goddess is coming in a procession…,” she sang. And indeed She had. We had joined Her by car, plane, and train from all over the world and were now ready, as far as possible, to follow her procession across the North American continent. Why? Due to the power of Her love, which has evoked love and compassion in us, and a desire to serve all of humanity.
Seattle, 2013

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  1. > Due to the power of Her love, which has evoked love and compassion in us..

    very aptly said ..we can clearly see the amount of transformation She has brought in our lives and outlook, silently by lighting the lamp in our otherwise dark mundane existence..blessed to have our Divine Mother with us ..Jai Maa!

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