Saturday 21 Sep, Amritapuri
Darshan starts to be big. Amma is organizing everything from her chair while she receives the people. She can give full attention to so many things at the same time! Around 6pm, as the flow was going on nicely, an old little woman, with some present for Amma was in the queue, approaching little by little. When it was her turn for darshan, immediately Amma was thrilled and looked at the queue and she said ‘locals, locals’.

Amma looked like a young girl excited to meet friends. In fact, about ten of the women who came together are living just near the ashram, in the next houses and are the women of the houses that Amma used to visit when she was young, to collect some items for the cows. Amma wanted them to come together, but that created a little congestion. All had something to offer Amma, some wanted to put a sari around her, and they did exactly as they wanted. It was really sweet and joyful. Then Amma told them that they should not spend money in gifts for her, that the offering Amma wants, is the flower of their hearts.

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