Last weekend, i came to witness an expression of Amma, albeit in action. Amma says “To be able to see our own Self in every living thing with both our eyes open – that is Self-realization. We must see ourselves in others, and love and serve them. That is when spiritual practice achieves perfection.”

After the Europe tour with Amma, i had stayed back in Italy to do some University collaboration work. Sukhrita, the coordinator of Milan Satsang group invited me to witness a very interesting Saturday. She had picked me up and then explained that unlike all Saturdays where they would meet for Satsang, that weekend was dedicated to meet at a home for the differently-abled. Being close to festival season, the differently-abled find it a hard time without much of family or anyone visiting them. We drove together from one place to the Milan city area, where the home was based. Amma’s life and words are more inspiring as a living example, they explained while driving. We parked the car and at the parking area, another person who was paralyzed from the waist down was waiting for us. He is a regular, they told me. He had driven his car (modified for his use) and had come alone all the way. I offered if he needed help moving his wheelchair. He politely said he can manage himself. As i insisted, he allowed me to help. We walked a few minutes and reached the home.


As the door opened, it was a wow time. All of them had been waiting for us and came right to the door to greet each and all. With their limited expressions, they showed truly great excitement. One of the most loving in the group asked me if this was my first time with the Satsang group and that they had not met me before and how i was. As awe-inspiring it was, i was touched by the love they showered on the regulars. They hugged and laughed and smiled and one of them was in tears during the reception. The person taking care was wonderfully graceful to wish us personally too. We all sat down and the Satsang group started with the chorus version of “Everyone in the world” in Italian and one could see lips moving in sync (since it was not their first time and since more than a year and a half, some of the bhajans were familiar). One of the persons there started wailing and it was touching to note all others comforted her.


Another bhajan started after a small pause. Every bhajan ending was accompanied with so much claps. After all bhajans, they wanted to sing for us. Most of them were traditional Italian songs or famous songs in dialects. At one song, the re-enacted every word in actions and in one three of them started dancing ballet with some of the Satsang folks. One of the devotees then presented them all with Embracing-The-World bracelets. They put them on immediately. It was wonderful to see them in laughter and peals of uncontrollable laughter made everyone treasure the moment.


As they relaxed, they wanted photographs with them and Satsang members in a fun-filled style. Every moment seemed selfless. Some of them would see Amma’s picture on the bhajan book and kiss their finger and keep it on her image. To me as a rare visitor, it was an amazing experience and to note Amma is a great inspiration going beyond nations, religions, languages and cultures. Indeed like Amma says, “Love and a selfless attitude underlie all truly great deeds. Behind any good cause, you will find somebody who has renounced everything and dedicated his or her life to it.” Seeing the dedication of Amma’s children here was an eye-opener to see the outreach of Amma’s Love and dedication. Amma and her children’s example are indeed a connection of hearts!

– Shyam

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