07 April 2014
I am here in Batawari, Uttarakhand for the last few days to document the work of the volunteers. today land slide happened right in front of us when me and sudheer were walking with village ladies. it was just 5 meter in front of us!


2 villagers fell down, but they were o.k. there were 2 nepali workers working down there and they were buried in dirt. one was completely buried and another half the body. me and sudheer were the only men around at the time so we rushed down and started digging bare hands. after some time other workers arrived with shovel and tools so we all dig.

one guy was in pain so we hurried but it took like 30 min to dig them out. after many people arrived i took some photos while digging. the other guy who was buried half body was not in pain and kept smoking. that was bit funny.
– abhay