I have told you in the past about Shanti Devi, the recipient of our first house, but have said little about her son Harish who will also be living there. He too shares her pain, the loss of a father, brother, and the mules that were the source of his family’s income. Today Harish was married. Although the house is far from completed, a temporary tarp roof was added, and they moved in for the occasion. As they have been living in a tent for many months, the unfinished house seemed quite spacious and took on a very festive air.


A family pundit performed an elaborate set of rituals. Yellow cum cum was used as a wide circle of family each blessed Harish, then he blessed the house on all sides with yellow hand prints.

Harish was ritually bathed, then dressed in the traditional white suit, money garland, and hat.

He then left on a white horse in a procession down the hill, going to the bride’s home in a neighboring village.

I’ll show you the bride and scenes from the actual wedding in tomorrows post.
– Scotti

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