It was a beautiful Tuesday. As a person looking into setting up the audio setups every Tuesday, i had noted so many Amma’s children setting up a meditation spot near Amma’s peedam (seat). I had been tempted to set a position by putting up the meditation mat but had refrained many a times.

A few weeks ago, i went up early in the morning and placed a mat close to where Amma would sit and offer Satsang. However, as the time got closer, setting up the audio systems took up the focus and hence became busy. A western devotee came up looking for a spot. So i did go to him and indicated that he could take the spot and that the mat was mine. After that, Amma came, meditation took place. Its time for Q & A. Suddenly Amma called out “This mic has problems..” so i ran near to fix the microphone closer. Amma then looked and said “Here.. you need to stay here”.. pointing to my meditation mat which i had placed hours ago. Amma said “Why don’t you stay close to me?” with a smile.

Amma’s style is truly unique and as the 108 name goes – “sisya varya sabha madhya dhyana yoga vidhitsave namah”

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  1. Very sweet and nice blessing as She is drawing u closer within and without 🙂

  2. Very nice ! Amma’s style is truly unique 🙂

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