Kalinagar is a small village about 25kms South of Kolkata. A typical Bengal village that can be reached only by walk or a two wheeler, or with the special grace of a three wheeled auto riksha driver.


Miles before the village, as you take the right turn from the tarmac road you get to pass through the narrow strip of road with water bodies on either side. You ride on the boiled and drying paddy spreads on the cemented stretch of road. Innumerable water bodies in which flourish algae, hyacinths as well as ducks and fish; in which are sailing uncountable paper plates!


AmritaServe has reached out tailoring courses to the women of the village and Ammachi Labs has reached out its beautician technician course for the young girls. Scores of women have already benefitted from the courses, and many more are eager for more activities from the Ashram.

Br. Vijayamrita Chaitanya has with the support of the Kolkata devotees arranged an Amalabharatam Campaign on the fourth Sunday of November in which villagers were educated about the need for cleanliness for their own good.

– Sandhya

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