8 Dec 2014 Poems

Guru, The Alchemist

Ma, obsessed with pride,
I could barely bear Thy chide;
Yet Thy motherly grace flowed so mild,
When I was lost in sensual life so wild.

Ma, obsessed with avarice,
I could barely hear Thy advice;
Leaving me to suffer an’ bear,
To learn the lesson, ‘tis to forbear.

Ma, obsessed with animosity,
I could barely be up an’ obey;
Thy kindliest words of love and service,
Ma, forgive Thy child, bestial an’ rebellious.

Ma, bless me to remove all my defects,
As I chant Thy names, infinite an’ endless;
Only Thou knowst what’s good an’ beneficent,
Verily Thou art omniscient an’ truly th’ Alchemist.

— Sridhar

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