Hi, everyone, I am Nobuaki Ishii, a Japanese University student.
I came to know about Amma when I participated in a school construction project in Uttarakhand.

It was my first visit and India at first was overwhelming but soon I started loving this country because of the warmth and hospitality of the children of the village.

Our relationship with the children encouraged me to do my best to complete their school as soon as possible, so that they can start attending the school regularly without any worry. With such motivation, I enjoyed working for two weeks with local people.

Among these activities, the most impressive memory is that of active children.

They cast radiant smiles when they met us for the first time. They asked us for signatures, called our names loudly, and helped us spontaneously. (Especially I was amazed by a child who ran happily with heavy bricks on his back.) Each and every deed of children touched and healed my heart.

I sincerely thank Amma, Swamiji, and Viveka for offering us this opportunity and for supporting us.

Amma is coming to Japan!!

I did not want to miss this opportunity, so I participated in Amma’s 25th Japan Program.

During Amma’s darshan, Viveka conveyed my impression about the volunteer activities in India to Amma.

Amma’s compassionate glance and heart-warming embrace removed all the sufferings of day to day life and filled me with immense love.

In order not to forget the Love I received from Amma, I would like to be kind to others like Amma, and thereby spread the message of love, and contribute in a small way to Amma’s wish to realize a peaceful world.