My name is Saeka Takeuchi, I am ferris university 2nd year student.
I would like to share an experience with Amma for the first time in Tokyo program.

I travelled to India to take part in one of Amma’s service activities, a project to build houses.

Before travelling to India, I was anxious because I did not have any skill or knowledge about construction and I could not speak the local language. I was quite wondering whether I could be of any help there.

When I arrived and started working, children gathered and looked at us with curiosity. I think we looked strange and funny to them because we looked different from Indian people and while working we were calling out and encouraging each other loud in a language which was new to them.

With a smile, I dared to talk to those children. Then they became friendly and started helping with our work. They started calling my name. I realized that what I should do here in India is just being myself and do my best as a student.

I would never forget the special feeling when I first met Amma and received darshan after coming back to Japan.

Once again I started thinking that I was lucky to be able to go to India as part of the charitable activities of such a wonderful personality who thinks about others selflessly.

I am not sure how much I could offer in India, but at least I am glad that I experienced the compassion of Amma and the people who are involved in Amma’s charitable activities.

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  1. Amma knows the pure intention of a heart. so glad for this wonderful experience.
    thanks for sharing

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