My name is Hirota Nakazawa.

I was first year student of University in japan when I went to india.
I went abroad in India( Uttalakhand ) for the first time in this spring, so that became a very precious experience to me.

I understand from experience what I learned in Japan,and in India, I was able to experience what I could never do experience in Japan.

It was really good that I was able to feel the warmth of the heart of the Indian people. That was a very satisfying activities.

Amma, Swami, Viveka and really many people helped and supported with our voluntary activities, so we implement this. Thank you again for your good thoughts, (good heart and good will).

A few days ago, when I met Amma,I was accepted by a special hug, I felt something special but I can not explain with words. It is beyond.

And I tried to tell Amma about housing project in Uttarakhand. and Amma asked me anxiously “Did you get scared over there?” It’s a unforgettable moment. I felt mother’s unconditional love that time.

I think the students may be taken care of again in future. But do not lose in the motivation and spirit of LOVE.

It is very grateful to have had an experience really valuable this time and wish their continued success. Thank you very much again. Thank you very much AMMA.

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