Vaishnavi and Valsala are twin sisters. They are from Amrita Vidyalayam, Davengere (Karnataka). They came as part of a group from their school to visit Amritapuri and get Amma’s blessings. It was their first meeting with Amma. The meeting just blew them away… “There is so much energy, so much love, I feel like crying, I don’t know what’s happening” said Valsala.

But it seems that just meeting Amma was not enough for these two bold sisters… They wanted to keep Amma with them! Therefore, they came up with a plan and unveiled it when they came back to Amma. In an intransigent tone, they spoke to Amma: “Amma, we are here to kidnap you!! …”


Amma enjoyed the innocence and love of these two girls, meeting her for the first time. They are in the 10th grade and have all the enthusiastic ambition of 15 years old teenagers. Witnessing their darshan last night was special as Amma enjoyed interacting with them with laughter and love. Today, we had this chat with them:
? Is it true, you came here with a plan to kidnap Amma?
– Yes, we do! We are here to kidnap Amma and make her our own…
? But, how is this possible? How can you kidnap Amma?
– We will do so by entering her heart and then she will become ours!
? How do you do that?
– Now we have a mantra, last night she gave us. With that we will take her.
? Why do you want to kidnap her?
– Because we want her to stay with us all the time!

11 Aug 2016, Amritapuri