It is Europe yatra and Amma had started off the tour with Hof Herenberg, the German ashram center.
While attending to a friend from Mannheim who had been coming for many years and talking of Amma’s Germany program, a small girl about 3-4 years of age came running to another lady sitting in front of us at the dining area. The young mother looked at us and told us that she was American but living in Switzerland past many years. She was talking of stress reduction at her workplace and how she found at Amma’s program that many CEOs, professors, heads of organisations and other intellectuals go beyond logic and think from the heart and focus on compassion to all beings. She insisted that it was the message of Love that inspired her and that she wanted her daughter to grow up centered in Love towards all beings.

As this was being said, someone informed me that Amma was calling. Amma wanted to see Amritapuri children (ashram residents) via the internet and video conferencing. In a hurry, we took out a laptop, called for Ashram residents to come online. It was morning 5am Archana in India and Amma had wanted to see everyone during the chanting. Br. Sreenivas helped connect the Archana as it happened. Amma started watching the video screen during Darshan and pointing several names and faces as the camera panned. Amma’s expression and voice showed the yearnings of a Mother not able to contain herself on seeing her children who were not within a hand’s reach. After the Archana, Amma started conversing with them, making lovingly cute remarks personalizing every point. She would ask about health, talk of a head cap, pronunciation sound during Archana, sitting location of brahmacharies and brahmacharins, sleepiness in some, excitement in some others, faces she saw often, faces that were not so easy to spot, count the numbers of participants sitting in the dark, those sitting in the front, those who were chanting with a loud voice (which she wanted to hear and commenting that why some were not chanting morning Archana). She said seeing all of her children was like seeing a beautiful garden of flowers. Amma also added She is so happy to see so many praying together for world peace and happiness.

Amma’s Love was overflowing. All this happened during Darshan and two lines of people were being given due attention and smiles. While people would be sad, Amma helped uplift their spirits, when people were happy Amma would reflect with them. Amma’s emotions spontaneously reflected her children’s like a river flowing and the banks and rocks would cause the river to meander at points. Amma’s Love was only increasing. She had so many children to see but yet She could not stop occasionally waving to her children 5700km away. Amma then requested that She wanted to have the video conferencing twice a day. It has been several places now and crowds who come to see Amma has been increasing yet Amma is patient and enthusiastic and eager to see every face from Amritapuri.

As Europe yatra was coming to a close, crowds at Valencia increased many folds and yet Amma would ask for the video to be kept closer to Her. Amma saw many faces pointing at many on how beautiful they look. At some moments, when I asked her if I could move the laptop away, Amma would say “No, let those who want to go, go! Let others be, I want to see them.” It was as if Amma could stay hours gawking at the many faces peering over the internet video. Amma would even look at the Shastra class being held and smile often when she saw focussed eyes and ears away from the camera attending the class at Amritapuri. Amma would ask for the laptop at the end of the Darshan and would wave and send flying kisses. As Amma says, “Motherhood is the symbol of love, compassion and forbearance” and Amma sets a high example through her actions. May Amma’s Grace help us bring such Love into our everyday life.

-Shyam, Europe Yatra 2017