Last night Amma had a big public darshan program in Udupi Karnataka -the place famous for Rukmini’s Krishna and for saints like Kanaka Dasa. Observing Amma is in inspiration in itself. Even though the all knowing mother will never proclaim her divinity some things make it seem so natural and so evident. As an impartial […]

26 Sep 2015, Amritapuri Mrs. Bexci P. Britto, Assistant Professor at Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, who was at the ashram for the first time, shared her experience about meeting Amma. “A few things are inexpressible in life and they go by the term “zing factor”. I had such an experience here […]

Soon after our beloved Amma’s 62nd birthday celebrations got over, we got an opportunity to interact with Swami Shailendra Saraswati, who is a disciple of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and currently teaches Transcendental Meditation. He had come here for Amritavarsham ’62 and had his first darshan from Amma. “This was my first visit to Amma. In […]

My name is Hirota Nakazawa. I was first year student of University in japan when I went to india. I went abroad in India( Uttalakhand ) for the first time in this spring, so that became a very precious experience to me. I understand from experience what I learned in Japan,and in India, I was […]

My name is Saeka Takeuchi, I am ferris university 2nd year student. I would like to share an experience with Amma for the first time in Tokyo program. I travelled to India to take part in one of Amma’s service activities, a project to build houses. Before travelling to India, I was anxious because I […]

Hi, everyone, I am Nobuaki Ishii, a Japanese University student. I came to know about Amma when I participated in a school construction project in Uttarakhand. It was my first visit and India at first was overwhelming but soon I started loving this country because of the warmth and hospitality of the children of the […]

As you know, there were 63 students from Japan who came to Uttarakand last Feb-March for two weeks. Unfortunately that time they could not meet amma while they were in India, since the project site was remote area, far away in the mountain, and students have tight budget and limited times in India. However many […]

amma’s kozhikode program is always special. usually, amma gives annaprasham (first feeding) and does vidyarambham (initiation into writing and the alphabet) at the end of the program. this time, two children that came for the ceremony were very interesting. one baby, amardeep, was brought to receive his first solid food from amma. it was a […]

Last week during darshan, I remained at Amma’s side for some time. It wasn’t long before a middle-aged woman came for darshan. She was from central Kerala. It was her first time meeting Amma. She told Amma that early this year her husband had been fishing around 3:00 a.m., casting his net from the boat, […]