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Q152: Real Surrender?

Question 152:
What for you would be real surrender?
Please reflect deeply on the matter before answering, and make your answer clear and brief (maximum 5 or 6 lines).

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42 Responses to “Q152: Real Surrender?”

  1. ammasservant says:

    Pranams! “To Merge with AMMA”

  2. priya says:

    To have no wishes of my own but to have my Guru’s wishes for me fulfilled in my life is real surrender.

  3. a servant says:

    Merging in AMMA

  4. ammaslatika says:

    to love Amma every moment of my life

  5. sooraj says:

    The end of all thoughts and actions related to ‘Me” and ‘Mine’.

  6. Vanamali says:

    Total freedom from even the subtle hint of anxiety or fear.

  7. motherskitten says:

    I wish someone told me. The only other time (outside sprituality) it happens is when one country or power defeats another. The surrendered soldier have to lay down their arms, get tied and know they can’t escape. Is it like that with the Guru? Is fear for life behind surrender? I heard only very advanced devotees can really surrender.

  8. Renu Wadhwa says:

    My real surrender would be to stop reacting to any situation. At any time, any situation, then, I would be with my divine AMMA.

  9. Raju says:

    For me..reaching anywhere near true surrender would at the moment be to work at least 20 hours everyday whether rain or shine..dedicating everything to Amma and accepting whatever she gives as her Divine grace.The belief that She can never do anything wrong for me.

  10. ammasnimmy says:

    Amma says “A real prayer will never contain any suggestions, instructions or demands. The sincere devotee will simply say, ‘O Lord, I do not know what is good or what is bad for me. I am nobody, nothing. You know everything. I know whatever you do must be for the best; therefore, do as you wish.’ In real prayer you bow down, surrender and declare your helplessness to the Lord.”……… When we wholeheartedly utter this prayer to Amma and also when we accept each and every experiences as Her wish, I believe the real surrender happens.

  11. childalways says:


  12. Nada says:

    To fully Trust the Divine, and Accept.

  13. rachnachhabria says:

    For me real surrender would be to stop reacting to situations, it would be complete acceptance without a shadow of doubt or anxiety. It would also be complete faith in my God/Guru Amma (but the ego intervenes at times).

  14. kalidasan says:

    i have seen in the daily quotes the other day a saying by amma: “Total Surrender means to be in the present.. living in the present with future and past in hands of god/existence”

  15. didi says:

    surrender means, to completely accept what is.. with peace, and love, and without any form of resistence.
    ultimate surrender is, when the small self becomes big Self

  16. ChetanG says:

    True surrender to the Guru is… to do exactly what the Guru tells you, immediately and in the correct way. Never doubt or think of another thing.

  17. ThankamaniR says:

    In Bhagavad Geeta there is a famous verse: “Sarvadharman parithejya Mamekam saranam vraja ,Aham tva sarva papebhya:mokshaikhyami ma sucha”. Bhagavan says to Arjuna that you should renounce (means all attachments, actions and possessions) and surrender and take refuge at the lotus feet of Guru or Lord. his is the real surrender. Doubtless faith…

  18. Anagha sharan says:

    For me Real surrender is to surrender Amma with my whole heart.

  19. Joshie28NMUSA says:

    This is so hard for me to describe.. but I have given my heart to Amma, and having previously lived my life in a very negative and destructive way, I have an unexplained peace now because I know that I am on the right path and I feel like I am truly protected and safe. Like ThankamaniR said above a doubtless faith.

  20. Sri Mayi says:

    If I were able to take anything that happens to me in life, after having given my best, without reacting or opposing to the events but with a deep sense of inner peace given by the awareness that it is God’s will, then probably I would be able to life a life in real surrender…

  21. iDevotee says:

    For me real surrender is my ego (desires, attachments, fears, anger, emotions) and merge in Amma for ever!

  22. childalways says:

    i’m sure that i dont know but i’m sure i will know because i’m with Amma

  23. arrow28 says:

    The unflinching faith in Amma during good and bad times with not even a single thought blaming/accusing/cursing Amma for anything is True Surrender. That I believe can happen only when the ego disappears when you merge with Amma

  24. jagadambe29 says:

    To give up all worldly desires and enter renunciation.

  25. Savithry says:

    It would be nice if i could get out of this vicious cycle of not knowing what is good/bad… what is Amma’s wish/not wish. It would be nice, if an end came to these turbulent sessions of activity and inactivity trying to understand if surrender is the interpretation of things happening to you as Amma’s wish OR actively doing things which i think is right and letting Amma to take care of the rest.I believe that surrender is working with only one motive – LOVE. Love for AMMA.

  26. prasanth says:

    my mind says, surrender is accepting everything as Amma’s prasad. No complaints, no arguments or rejections, not even the requirement of emotional suppression even if I don’t argue outside…perhaps that is why surrender is not easy for me.

  27. hriday says:


  28. sanoj says:

    For me to really surrender is to surrender my ego. The ego submerged in me, dissolved in me like salt in each drop of water in the sea and I think that the only catalyst that can remove the salt of ego from my soul is none other than AMMA’S BLESSINGS. May AMMA’S Blessings be showered on every one.

  29. child says:

    to relax the tension in whatever situation appears, be accepting and trusting that in the end, whatever happens, is the best for everyone. Also not giving one”s ideas and actions too much importance. Giving other people, at least the same importance as oneself”s.

  30. JulieShanti says:

    Real surrender, to me, is to allow the Love of God to flow all the way through me, to fill my cells and the spaces in between them, to BE this Love with total acceptance and understanding that I, too, am a part of God. Amma is a perfect example of this real surrender! And she gives the gift of it everywhere she goes! Thank you, Amma!

  31. malasharma says:

    Surrender is to have no wishes or desires ,and to accept everything as Amma’s will. But the ego confuses the picture and it is at times the tamas or laziness which disguises as surrender. But then I pray O GOD/AMMA give me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, Courage to change the things i can, and Wisdom to know the difference! May Amma grace us all with that wisdom.

  32. Sowmya says:

    ‘I don’t know anything’, will be the state of the real surrender.

  33. ammasvineeta says:

    To live in the Moment.

  34. vgkumari says:

    total surrender to amma our satguru and living a life as per amma’s teachings and advice.

  35. lovelara2 says:

    Trust + Faith = Surrender
    Surrender is letting everything go without feeling a sense of loss. Letting go of your mind without losing your mind :o)

  36. Ammabindu says:

    When happiness comes i rejoice knowing it is YOUR Love for me, when life gets tough i tell myself YOU want me to be strong enough to help another, when i fail i tell myself YOU are teaching me to understand the pain of failure in others, if YOU scorn me i will tell myself it’s YOUR intense Love for me to scrub me clean of ego, if i loose people on the way i tell myself YOU want me all for Yourself because to merge in YOU is to own everyone in the world.

  37. Ammachild says:

    To know that I am not the ‘doer’ and that Amma is behind every and each of ‘my’ actions

  38. unnikrishnan says:

    Surrender is for losing ego & respecting Guru to show the right path

  39. dipaisfren says:

    AMMAS hugging experience..

  40. susan says:

    To be able to accept, willingly and with gratitude, every situation put before me,
    To know that I am not this body and merge with Amma, knowing that I am safe and loved no matter what ever happens… just the knowing of Mother’s Divine grace.

  41. aumsree says:

    AMMA says Surrender needs courage. To let go of the events and not to allow the ego to interfere as part of the events. Ego is noisy, grumbles and croaks.
    AMMA wants Her children to surrender like Arjuna, and let go in the midst of battle-din of life and be successful.

  42. cutwoodcarrywater says:

    Love is freedom, freedom is love. When we love without thought for a false small sense of self, then we naturally surrender and love all of creation equally. It happens really quite naturally. We glide effortlessly into the natural sate of oneness. When we can really see and deeply understand the contradictions and therefore impossibility of any kind of separation existing, then the attitude to give up such nonsense of the mind will arise. This is surrender: Wanting to be free of the absurd play of the mind, one that cannot logically exist. When this attitude for freedom and oneness arises there is subsequently a lessening of the illusory sense of separation.


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