15 Oct 2013 WithAmma

Looking at Creation

It is early autumn in Europe. The forests and grass are green with a few yellow and red accents. Gardens are still producing pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, greens and peppers. A few roses bloom along with the autumn mums, zinnias, and cosmos. As we drove from Zurich to Munich, snow covered the mountains and white mist moved between sky, mountains and lakes. Amma had reminded us in a Zurich satsang that nature is the visible form of God. This transcendent landscape certainly lifted our minds to the Infinite. We hoped that Amma might be gazing through her camper window and also enjoying the beauty of creation and symphony of white light.

In Munich we experienced a musical symphony as classical musicians and singers performed in front of Amma as she gave darshan. Amma reminds us again and again that when we see the creation, we should think of the Creator and that Creation and Creator are not two, but One. We thought of the Creator who had created humans and given them the capacity for these beautiful expressions of vocal and instrumental music. Looking around the hall, we could see the beauty of humans with their varied colours of skin and hair, the mélange of languages, the foods being served from many cultures, the children playing together joyfully. And in the midst of this sat Amma, bathing her children in her flowing river of divine love, hour after hour, day after day until the program ended and Amma had to move to the next city. Amma reminds us again and again that there is no distance between us and Amma; that Amma and her children are inseparable. There is no two, only One. The Creation and the Creator are inseparable.

Rta S
from Munich, on Vijayadahami day

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  1. “Amma had reminded us in a Zurich satsang that nature is the visible form of God.”

    Om Advaithamritavarshinyai Namah

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