16 Oct 2013 Poems

Hiding in you

A soft fondle of breeze carry
a smile over petal lips.
Mist of mystic mystery hangs,
in reverence.
Nature stands still, in silence.
A chant of love percolates,
shading pink on petals.
The blush of love for God,
emanates from hearts,
like beetles hum.

In the lotus of hearts,
Mother of all Mothers sits,
listening to every thought,
every prayer n’ every complaint,
registers in her nature.
By slow strides she walks in,
chanting a mantra in your ears.

Then she hides in you,
watching you chant.
Often She smiles in ecstasy,
Sings a song of profound love,
Merging herself in you, as your chant,
Your life- breathe for liberation!

By Satheesan R

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  1. Beautiful poem about most beautiful Amma. Thanks. Keep sharing…..

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