14 Oct 2013 Poems

Vijayadasami offering

O! Mother, Thy descent marked new blissful dawn,
For the entire creation love unconditional is given.
Thou knowest, Thou art blissful , an’ unborn,
The incomprehensible Self, th’ Supreme One.

Mother, when the darkness was considered as light,
Thou didst share love an’ kindness even as a child,
To th’ old, sick, poor, an’ elderly as a mere servant,
Though th’ Truth being veiled, Thy play so loving an’ mild.

Mother, when sorrows overpowered happiness,
Thy sheer selflessness shed light of pure joys.
Though th’ deluded ones couldn’t understand Thy ways,
That dispelled th’ dark clouds of misery, by Thy kind acts.

Mother, when th’ mortals were lost in lust and wine,
Thou didst kindly forgive an’ save, Thy acts so divine.
Transforming th’ cruel bestial human‘s nature,
Verily saved many souls from th’ hellish torture.

Mother, Thou art eternally free an’ omnipotent,
But, how a mortal comprehend th’ Self, effulgent,
When torn by th’ natural traits of hunger an’ thirst,
Thus, Thou hast come midst us, being kindliest.

O! Mother, Thou art the Omkara, the holiest word,
O! Mother, Thou art letters of languages, an’ words,
Be kind an’ save Thy child, so error prone an’ torn,
Bless Thy child, to be e’er blissful, an’ ne’er to be born.

— by Sridhar

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  1. Amma, Thou has come amidst us, being kindliest!

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer.

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