This morning I did Arcana with the copper pod tree!

The familiar tree almost on every street in the cities blooms its innumerable bright yellow flowers in its own time, and in its own selected branches. Just like Tumban and Bhakti display dog-qualities plus special qualities, the tree to the left-front of Kali Temple in Amritapuri shows its genetic as well as special qualities as ashram tree.

Believe me. It obeys Amma’s instruction to the core. Amma says, “Children, the atmosphere is impure at twilight hours. Engage yourself in spiritual practices at that time.”

This tree, planted a few years ago, sheds its soft yellow flowers one by one as Arcana begins in the temple. The floor is cleared by about 4 30 am, and from 5 till 6 am, the tree performs her Puja by dropping a few flowers at every Namah.

This tree displays many more spiritual qualities if one has the time to see. All her flowers when in bloom, she keeps them towards the sky, as if offering to God above with out-stretched arms… Then she doesn’t wait till they wilt; she only waits for bees and insects and tiny birds to take their share of nectar, and then she offers them to Mother Earth during morning Arcana.

This morning she whispered into my ears: “Amma remembers me every day when She gives instruction for meditation… when She speaks of flowers of peace falling gently from a tree….. May I offer coolness and good air and peace to all, and be of some service to Amma.”





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  1. Aum Namaha Shivaya

    Beautiful description!

    In AMMA

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