Hailing from Chennai, Mr. Venkateshwara Rao was working as a railway guard when he heard about Amma way back in 1985. On a friend’s suggestion he came for Amma’s darshan on her birthday in the year 1991. After coming back home from the darshan, his life was not the same anymore. He started cherishing his solitude with remembrance of Amma. Mr Rao says  “After reaching home I started to hear Amma’s voice constantly ringing in my ears and every time I closed my eyes I could only see Amma”. He started coming frequently for Amma’s darshan.

He wanted more people to know about Amma and the experience he had received. So he shared his experience of Amma’s darshan with the people in his village and started to organise trips to bring them to Amritapuri and experience Amma first-hand. He bore the expenses of the trip for the people he brought from his village.

Having known Amma all these years, and having had the experience of bringing all his problems and worries to her, he says “Amma is my guide who inspires me to make the right choices in life”

– Anirudh.R., Tony Ajith and Poonthamil