9 Oct 2013 Poems

Krishna’s smile

A mass of ecstasy was born,
In a cell of dust and darkness,
erected by boulders of greed.
He was born as midnight sun,
had his little body covered by sky.

On feathers of love he slept.
Stars winked at each other….
Galaxies merged in milky-way .
Supernova’s boomeranged.
Shooting stars carried a message,
“ time has arrived for action.”
He arrived on a promised mission,
to fulfill his promise to humanity.
World grind to a standstill.
With awe and anxiety struck,
peacocks danced fanning their quills.
One unique feather adorned his crown.
Divine music flung from bamboos.
There was rain, lightning n’ thunder.
Nature’s celebration began in style.
Cosmic rhythm of life and muteness,
announces arrival of auspicious time.

Every creature on earth enthralled.
All gaped in wonder invoking divinity,
River Yamuna parted apart; the flow,
making way for divinity to step in
Greatness smiled lying in a basket.

He had his smile retained all though life,
in war and peace; before death and birth.
He played cool against odds.
Ultimately decided his time for departure.
Off he went leaving everything in a huff,
did not say farewell, he just left the world,
leaving his unfading meditative smile.

by satheesan rangorath

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