3 Nov 2013 Poems


I do see her eyes of grace.
I graze in her eyes with urge.
Cosmic dream rests there.
I delve in her mystic mystery.
I come across her subtle smile.

All creatures move around her
holding her hands of compassion.
Possessive; all we fight for attention,
drawing you to foment our wounds.
You embrace all with one hand,
and anoint all in your hold.
holding us with a band of love.
You tied every one as a garland.

I hear your incessant smile inside.
We know not your smiley mystery.
Oh mother let me garland you,
by these words of my possessiveness?

by S Rangorath

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  1. The very thought of garlanding the Infinite baffles one’s limited intelligence. A courageous offering of a garland with possessiveness.

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