6 Oct 2013 Poems

Hold me tight

My heart beats fast; on reaching near you.
A sea of emotions flood my eyes,
like tidal waves it washes ashore,
deposits every filth n’ mud of my past.

There is a dark cloud hanging behind me.
Thunder n’ lightning blasts off my chest,
Ghosts of innumerable desires pull me apart.
Oh ! My mother help me cut loose my ties.

Let me be in your comforting hold.
Help me breathe easy …with thy name in and out.
Let me exhale your chant Aummmmmm.
Oh Divine Mother hold me tight til then!
Let me feel your light n’ compassion.

by Satheesan R


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  1. Feeling expressed very beautifuly. MAA I too want u to hold me tightly, catch hold of my MAA don’t let me slip anywhere. Love u MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  2. It’s true “Ghosts of innumerable desires pull me apart.”

    “Let me exhale your chant Aummmmmm.”
    That’s is the most powerful medicine for the horrendous incurable disease of worldliness.

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