21 Sep 2010, Amritapuri
The students of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri campus at Vallikkavu has undertaken a clean-up drive as part of the efforts to create an awareness among the students and general public about the importance of keeping the surroundings clean.

A group of 300 students and teachers from the Amritapuri campus cleaned the road side from Vavvakavu to Puthiyakavu on NH 47 under the “Clean in India” drive.

Last month they had cleaned up between Vallikkavu and Vavvakkavu over a stretch of five kilometres. The teams located seven locations, sorted plastic, paper, metal and waste items at these spots and brought the sorted trash items back to the campus and processed at the recycling plant here.

Several signboards about good and hygienic practices to increase awareness about cleanliness were posted. Dustbins were kept, chained down, at all these seven spots.

Additionally, notices about how to practise good hygiene were distributed to all shops and the public to create awareness on cleanliness.

The volunteers use bicycles to collect and transport garbage to recycling and disposal locations, in order to reduce the use of diesel and petrol.

The students had the complaints that some of the hotels on the wayside were dumping the bio wastes and poultry wastes in the waste bins placed by them.

They hope the chain of schools to take up the clean-up drive in future taking the cue from them

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