24th of March was the fourth Sunday of the month which was also World TB Awareness Day. Amma devotees in Mangalore as usual started the special day with the collection of cleaning materials from the store room in the local ashram, and proceeded to that part of the city marked off one month ago for […]

This is some important facts and figures about ABC work in Mangalore. The devotees have done major cleaning works, in and around the city, involving hundreds of students and professionals and personalities of the city, and involving many institutions and organisations, including the city administration. Each event is neatly documented too. Many of us may […]

8.00 in the morning, May 03. Mangalore Central Market area suddenly comes alive with about hundred sevaks. Sevaks clad in white – dhoti, sarees or salwar kamees – irrespective of whether they are Westerners or Indians; men or women; young or old. They are here on a campaign of ABC – to flush out of […]

29 May 2011, Mangalore ABC – has started blowing and spreading over Mangalore, again. About 200 people – Amma’s devotees, volunteere from Karnataka Ayurvedic Medical College and some officials of Corporation on Sunday embarked on a massive cleanliness drive. This time also the site chosen was remarkable : in front of the huge Government Wenlock […]

1-2 May 2011, Mangalore This year there was something very special – two inaugurations of ABC – one, inauguration on the darshan stage, and the other, inauguration in the market place. More precisely: Central Market. After about 7.30 in the morning – the darshan was over by 4.00 am – there were about 400 of […]