24th of March was the fourth Sunday of the month which was also World TB Awareness Day.

Amma devotees in Mangalore as usual started the special day with the collection of cleaning materials from the store room in the local ashram, and proceeded to that part of the city marked off one month ago for ABC this month. The four Friday-meetings before the forth Sunday- as has been done all these 24 months- had decided all the details such as: number of participants, from which of the fourteen city colleges that have joined hands in this public seva, their breakfast, the implements including gloves and masks, duration of the work, their transport et all.


Amma teaching during a program, how to use kerchiefs

The event also marked the second anniversary of ABC in Mangalore inaugurated by Amma Herself two years ago.

Sri. Yogeesh Bhat, the local MLA as well as the Deputy Speaker of the Vidhana Sabha of Karnataka Legislature, attended the program. He recalled Amma’s vision of Amalabharatam: Clean surrounding as well as clean hearts and minds will eventually bestow Divinity everywhere. Sri Bhat lauded Amma’s Manglore devotees for being instrumental in causing awareness among Mangloreans and the local authorities about cleanliness and hygiene. He also mentioned how this regular cleaning work has drawn the attention of the local media and the public.