29 May 2011, Mangalore

ABC – has started blowing and spreading over Mangalore, again.

About 200 people – Amma’s devotees, volunteere from Karnataka Ayurvedic Medical College and some officials of Corporation on Sunday embarked on a massive cleanliness drive. This time also the site chosen was remarkable : in front of the huge Government Wenlock Hospital.

ABC had first taken Mangalore by storm, on May 03 this year, investing the Central Market area with pristine look. This time, Wenlock Hospital surroundings, for decades located in the midst of filth and refuse, was chosen for giving the inimitable ABC touch. As the ABC work progressed, whole of the hospital area started sporting a clean look.

The tireless team picked up the discarded wastes, plastics and other trash including construction waste and tailoring waste. After 6 truckloads of waste and four hours, perhaps for the first time in many decades, the area looked really beautiful.

Prominent representatives of the print and visual media gave wide coverage to this path breaking trend, taking shape in India. That was their way of encouraging.

MAM is poised to render ABC seva, in a sustained manner, till beauty and cleanliness is restored once again to India