1-2 May 2011, Mangalore

This year there was something very special – two inaugurations of ABC – one, inauguration on the darshan stage, and the other, inauguration in the market place. More precisely: Central Market.

Amma distributing kerchiefs to the children as part of the awareness campaign

After about 7.30 in the morning – the darshan was over by 4.00 am – there were about 400 of Amma’s children near Central Market, Mangalore. Indians and foreigners, men and women, teenagers and adults, ashramites and local devotees: all. By 12.30 noon, they did a thorough job – the whole of the Central Market was, for the first time perhaps in its history, was wearing a pristine look.

During the darshan program, manned by Amma’s Western children, was a huge ABC stall. They maintained total cleanliness during all hours of the program, inspiring and motivating Mangaloreans. With different pamphlets they were also doling out tips on the ABC model of environmental friendly methods of handling waste and hygiene issues.