March 8, 2013 clean

Consistant Mangalore

This is some important facts and figures about ABC work in Mangalore.

The devotees have done major cleaning works, in and around the city, involving hundreds of students and professionals and personalities of the city, and involving many institutions and organisations, including the city administration. Each event is neatly documented too.

Many of us may have forgotten “4th Sunday Clean Sunday” program, but it is an on-going program in Mangalore. And Udipi and Puttur are catching up too. To date Amma’s Mangalore devotees have done 22 such ‘Clean Sunday’ programs!!! Every month since Amma started Amalabharatam in the city on May 3rd, 2011!

It is not just when Amma is around; for them it is as if Amma is always around.